The Old Retfordians Association is back!

On this site we want to continue John Palmer's EYEMEAD tradition, encouraging people to share old photographs like the ones opposite, old recollections (which you can add against most of the pictures), and promote new events being organised by our members.

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  • Brian Halickyj
  • Andrew Moody
  • Ian Gabey

Newest members:

24 Nov Michael John Marsh (1958-1965)
29 Oct James PHILLIP Wright (1964-1970)
27 Oct Gary Roy Brown (1971-1976)
11 Oct David Gouldin (1964-1969)
01 Oct Paula Harrison (1985-1990)

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Retfordian magazine 1935 Vol 30 No 1 is one of many:


Recent site updates:

1938 Vol 32 No 1

1936 Vol 30 No 1

1928 Vol 22 No 2

Recent comments:

12 Jul, 1971 pupils, Alan Gelsthorpe

07 Jul, 1975-76 puppeteers, David Mellor

07 Jul, 1948 swimmers, David Mellor

14 Jun, 1978 teachers, Michael beaman

16 Apr, 1947 panorama, David Mellor

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Quarterly Zoom call
Wednesday 17 January
20:00 to 21:30

No travel, no cost, no risk!

Join in the informal chat, share your own tales or just listen to the others doing so.

Update your screen name with the years you attended school to help others on the call.
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Just one of the 1958 pupils pictures in the Gallery: