Retford Grammar School 1981? Hazelwood trip

Reproduced from Facebook, with kind permission of Diane Hawk

Julie Anne: I recognise a few faces on here
Elaine Pascoe: L-R Bottom: Adam O’’Brien, Paul Sharp, Helen Simpson, Lynne Messom, Lisa Gregory, L-R Top: Derek Harding, Jonathon Dean, Peter Fitton, John Trotter, Peter Muir, Simon Matthews?, Chris Groves, Nicola Young, Julie Swainson, Ruth Bakin. Diane Stacey’’s photo. E xx
Val Yates: Lisa Lambly
Helen Selina Bowles Ruth Windeler
Julie Lees: Awwwww I couldn’’t go was in hospital
Elaine Pascoe: Julie Lees Me either - I had chicken pox. I remember being gutted! E xx
Julie Lees:Elaine Pascoe me too
Julie Lees: Steven Wakefield not Simon I think
Ruth Windeler: Absolutely loved this trip
Simon Matthews: I think I took the photo, which is why I’’m not in it! It was a fun trip.
Diane Hawk: Simon Matthews I took the photo which is why I’’m not in it
Simon Matthews: Diane Hawk I have same photo. Or virtually the same. Too old to remember!
Helen Rose: I must have missed how great it was !!!!
Ruth Windeler: Peter Fitton
Ruth Windeler: Derek Harding
Rachel June Pickering: Is there any one on here that left in 1991 roughly
Amanda Salmon: I remember going I went twice
Terri Brookes: Amanda Salmon we climbed on the top of that tower can you remember? Xx
Helen Selina Bowles: I remember going & had some really lovely photos that are not for the public
Sarah Corringham: Helen Selina Bowles I went too I think its a very nice hotel now
Ged Moss: Steve Wakefield are you on here?  [webmaster 2023-12-09 16:49:59]