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Retford Grammar School

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Retford Grammar School
from the air

Two photos, taken 1973 and 2004, show the immense changes to the school that happened after the webmaster left in 1958. After the expense and the disturbance, the school closed for good in 2002.
Paste this Lat and Long into Google Earth and zoom into the Clock tower:
53.318357, -0.938559

Taken 1973 (15 years after the webmaster left).
Unchanged since 1958:. Hatfield Street still undeveloped. Air-raid shelters and Eyre fives court still there. Tin-tab still present.
Changes since 1958. Cars parked near the field. Four tennis courts built near bottom of the field. New Science block, Gymnasium, changing rooms and Biology pond built next to squash courts. New Art and Handicraft block built near to tin-tab. Canteen gone between Hall and dormitories. Eight cricket nets built on field behind Hall.
Taken Tue 7 Sep 2004 (31 years after the previous photo)
Unchanged since 1958:. The front of the school, the 1920's New Block.
However the function of the insides changed radically (see extract from A.D.Ground's 1970 History)
Changes since 1973. Hatfield Street developed, bringingtraffic much closer. The Tin-Tab removed, four new blocks built close by, the air-raid shelters and Fives court removed, a new block built close to the Hall, and an extension of the Science block.

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