The resources on this site are a long way from exhaustive. Countless photographs, records and anecdotes are spread between museums, archives, people's lofts waiting to be shown light and shared.

Retford Denman Library

Retford library has an archive of Retfordian school magazines including some of the oldest going back to 1907 for which we don't have scanned copies on this site.

Bassetlaw Museum, Grove Street, Retford

The Bassetlaw Museum, as well as having many other artefacts, the museum also has an archive of Retfordian school magazines many of which there are scanned copies of on this site.

Nottingham Archives

Since the book published by A.D.Grounds, the history of the school towards the end of the 20th century is poorly documented. Some records remain stored in the
Nottingham archives. The Nottingham Archives are in a modern building close to the station but the car park is very small so arrive early unless you are prepared to park elsewhere.

National Archives

There are also more materials at the National Archives at Kew so we'd like to hear from anyone who has an opportunity to visit those archives, scan those documents, and share some of that treasure with the rest of us.

Ged Moss and Tom Oxley at the Nottingham Archives in January 2022.

You can visit these archives on your own, or maybe it's an ideal opportunity to plan to meet up with other Old Retfordians at the same time. Whichever you choose, careful planning are recommended to get the most from your visits.