Retford Grammar School 2010 New Block music room annex opened circa 1979

Originally photographed by Glen Hayes.

This is a rare photo because the single storey annex, opened in about 1979, and joining the north end of the New Block to the original school buildings, only lasted until the school was closed in 2003 and later demolished in 2012 - it got just 24 years of use!

Apart from this room, I think the base for my 3rd form "3E1", there was a "Civics" room next door and a number of smaller music practice rooms.

By this time "E" forms consisted of boys mainly originating from the Grammar school, but a limited number of Frederick Milner boys such as Mark Stockdale, Anthony Chambers, Dale Robinson and Alistair Jackson were being integrated as the two schools merged and which became simply the "King Edward VI School". [Ged Moss 2022-04-14 08:36:09]


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