Retford Grammar School - Scans of "The Retfordian" - Vol 42 No 5

These new editions are now available following a visit to the Inspire Nottinghamshire Archives in January 2022 to photograph them, the determined negotiation, and very kind funding by Tom Oxley to allow us to share them on the website.

We acknowledge Inspire Nottinghamshire Archives as the source of this edition, archive document S/BX123/73/1/11, and would thank Richard Burman, Alexa Rees, Jaime McMurtrie, and all the archive staff for their help.

House Reports
Founders' Day
Comings and Goings
Speech Day
The School Play - Witness for the Prosecution
Briking Crafts
Inter Schools Debating Competition
The Middle School Council
The Camera Club
The School Bookshop
Astro Society Report
Gymnastics Report
Careers Report
Why Were They Born so Beautiful.....?
History Field Day - First Years
Lower VIth Field Course to Whitby
Original Writing
Old Retfordians Association
School 1st XI Report
Under 15 Football Report
2nd XI Soccer
1st Year Football Report
U13 Soccer
Senior Rugby Report
U12 Rugby Report
U14 XV Rugby Report
Second Year Rugby
U15 XV Rugby Report
Lower Sixth Hockey