Retford King Edward VI Grammar School - 1964 School Lists

These original school pupil lists are now available following a visit to the Inspire Nottinghamshire Archives in January 2022, and May 2022 to photograph them, as well as the determined negotiation, and very kind funding by Tom Oxley in order to allow us to share them on the website.

We acknowledge Inspire Nottinghamshire Archives as the source of this, archive document S/BX123/42/33, and would thank Richard Burman, Alexa Rees, Jaime McMurtrie, and all the archive staff for their help.

1964 Cover

1964 Form 1

1964 Form 2

1964 Form 3

1964 Form 4

1964 Form 5

1964 Form 5J

1964 Form VI lower

1964 Form VI upper

1964 Prefects